Pete Alport Photography


If you know this Oregon river you know it’s magical power! The river comes out of the earth and is fed along the way by fresh water springs. The fly fishing is world renowned yet also renowned for its extreme difficulty in catching one...I know so many people who have never caught a fish here. The blue mixed with black water is ethereal, like you are in witnessing a new definition of water. The water is cold, very cold and I am thankful for that, otherwise this place would be a zoo. The water is soooo fresh!

Fall color is hard to shoot, what you see isn’t what always translates to the camera. Along with capturing what you see is timing, to get Fall color at its peak isn’t as simple as reading a weather report for new snow and powder, hot weather and a warm lake, Fall color has no forecast. I went to this area of the river to check on the color and the red Maples were going, yet other foliage was not. I came back a couple days later with a friend and shot from the location you see here. The color was going good, I thought real good! I came back out two days later with the friend to fish, the color was becoming more intense...I knew I had to come back but my schedule wasn’t set up right. I came back out the next day with my girfriend and the color was blasting...although I enjoyed our hike I couldn’t stop thinking about coming back out to shoot! I came back out the next day and bam, I shot what you see here! One of my favorite Fall images to date.  This image lets me know why I do this: I simply love shooting photos. Five times the charm!

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