Pete Alport Photography


Aspen trees are hands down my favorite tree. Here are the reasons I love Aspen trees: the white bark and it’s soft powdery residue (touch one during the Fall time and feel), the way the bark illuminates a landscape, especially when you walk through it; it’s like LED strip lighting. The sound of their leaves in the wind, especially Fall time when they firm up, it sounds like a gazillion tiny golf claps, soothing, meditative; listen to them at night as I do when I am sleeping next to them as in this image’s location. The Aspen’s color, whether they are green or into Fall, they have such a vibrant color, creating greens, yellows, pinks, reds, oranges that no human can replicate in their attempt to create colors...when the leaves fall to the ground, they become an electric lit floor. The way they glow in the Fall under the moonlight or in this case, at sunrise, incredible! Last but not least (I could go on for hours), the way they reproduce, from one root, interconnected, a family, a unified city in this case. Some say their reproductive nature is a nuisance, I wholeheartedly disagree, the more Aspens I see the more I love them and their interconnectedness. They are the second largest known continuing organism on the planet.

This image brings incredible positive energy when viewed big!

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