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Pete Alport


We don't have too many thunderstorms in Central Oregon, but when we do, I try my best to chase them around. The change in intensity when the storms pass over is incredible, or, viewing from afar, the difference between the peace outside of the storm and the chaos in the middle of it. Thunder, lightning, winds, hail, humidity, massive rain drops, rainbows, and sunset color like this image, I love it all.

On this day, I rushed my daughter into my truck because I saw a huge thunderstorm on the radar and wanted to go experience and possibly shoot it. My daughter thinks I'm crazy at times. We hopped in the truck and off we went, chasing the massive cell. I could instantly see the thunderstorm when I left my house, stretching into the air, growing. We drove straight into the storm and it was wild af. Strong winds, hail almost breaking my windshield, heavy rain, rainbows, everything. The storm was so strong that I pulled over to let it subside. We waited a few minutes, my daughter filled with excitement, when the sun began to poke through. I grabbed my camera and tripod (this is a 1/3 exposure) and shot three or four photos before my lens was impossibly soggy.

Thunder road with my daughter Coop(er).