Pete Alport Photography

The week started off like this: Monday, shot snowboarding at Mt. Bachelor in the morning, then a product shoot (NDA) for a company that night. Tuesday, woke up early and packed for two separate trips. First trip was Tuesday morning to the Mt. Hood backcountry where two snowboarders and I built a jump for them to hit the next day. It was incredibly stormy building the jump, but we had to in order for the riders to have energy for both an early wake up (5am) and hit this classic step-down before the May sun obliterated the snow. Wednesday morning, wake up early, drive back up to Mt. Hood, hike to the jump we built the previous day, shoot the jump and hike out; the riders did very well landing a few tricks on the biggest set up they’ve ever hit. Wednesday afternoon drive to Washington with the current crew I was with and meet up with two more pro snowboarders and another Filmer. Camp. Thursday morning wake up early and take our snowmobiles to a place to build a hip jump. The snowmobiling this time of year is terrifying, rocks, tricky snow and massive hill climbs/descents. We build the biggest jump the crew and I have ever built, shoot it into sunset and snowmobile back to camp...again, terrifying snowmobiling, but a great evening shooting. Eat and sleep back at camp. Wake up Friday morning, pack up and begin the drive back to Bend. Along the way home I was notified that the Northern Lights were going to be coming out BIG TIME! I thought I was coming home to rest, guess not. I arrive home, unpack my truck, charge my camera batteries and head back out to Mt. Bachelor for the Aurora Borealis at 7pm. After a 40-minute hike, I find a location to shoot and enjoy a beautiful sunset.  Darkness falls and I begin to see the Northern Lights, faint, but they were there.  At around 11:30pm the lights begin to explode with color...I was elated to say the least!  I shot til’ 1am, hiked out and headed home. Now, it’s 2:10am and the photos are being uploaded to my computer as I type this. I hope you enjoy this photo of the Northern Lights in Central Oregon, it was the biggest display I have ever seen in Oregon...even got the moon in there!!! Grateful to have this much energy :)