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Pete Alport Photography


I'm not sure how to describe the feelings I have when the first true snow falls. I usually see the frozen precipitation coming with my snow forecast obsession; I contemplated being a TV meteorologist in college. Summer has run it's course and Fall is underway, both of which I truly enjoy, however, I know the snow is somewhere in the air. The sunrise image you see left our local mountains with roughly 10" of snow as the forecast had called for, but the morning wasn't guaranteed sunny skies; 40%-70% cloud cover was projected. I take a chance to shoot anytime I see a forecast of 40% cloud cover. My sleep is restless when the first snow is coming, honestly, it's restless whenever a nice snow storm is underway. I love knowing it's snowing in the mountains. I love knowing I have an opportunity to make something happen in the new snow. My mind races with ideas of what I may build, shoot, see, all of anything that may happen in the snow. I simply love the snow.

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