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Pete Alport


The day after the Tonga Tsunami hit the West Coast. The waves were still firing and I'm not quite sure if the two were intertwined at this sunrise hour...I want to believe they were. These waves are a little above my pay grade. Although I love surfing, what you see here is nearly double overhead and barreling at certain sections, a little too much for me...but I love to watch them.

I believe anyone who has witnessed a wave, large or small, is captivated by their beauty, shape, and power. Add an impressive monolith and gorgeous sunrise to a wave, well, you have this image. I love the subtlety of the outlying fog bank, the offshore winds, and the glassy ocean as well.

I was tired on this morning. I had worked the day before starting at 4am and didn't finish until 7pm. My friend had a place on the coast and invited me to come out. I laid in bed for about five minutes wrestling with the invite, got up, packed my gear and clothes, and drove 4 hours to meet my friend. I went to bed around 1:30am and woke up at 5:30am to head out and shoot. Knowing the weather and swell, you have to get up to see this.