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Pete Alport Photography


I try and wake up and shoot as many full moonsets as I can, clear skies permitting. Sometimes I'm tired and am slow to get out of bed...this leads to rushing which doesn't always bode well with anything in life. With that said, I had a slow morning start and captured the image you see 2ft. in front of my truck, the stars, or should I say moon, align sometimes with minimal effort. I'm learning to let things be if something doesn't go as planned or as I's a simpler way to live, opening up the ability to love all that is happening right in front of you. For every shot you see on my website, there are a numerous outings that don't yield "the shot," but that is becoming ok, slowly but surely, it is ok...I should be grateful 24/7 to have the opportunity to even try. I love this image of a full moonset over one of the Oregon resorts Summit Chair at sunrise.