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Pete Alport Photography


The image before you is a moment that stands out amongst many in my life. I climbed up a mountain ridge to view the evening thunderstorms. I was in awe as I watched this thunderstorm come my way; sideways bolts, tremendously loud thunder, stars twinkling peacefully above...the thundercloud was like a living being, marching it's way directly towards me.

A few minutes after I shot this photo, the winds picked up and light rain began to fall. I packed up my gear and hunkered down by a rock...I had nowhere to go. The thunderstorm passed directly over me and I remember one bright flash as I looked to the ground. The sound was deafening and I'm actually surprised I am not deaf. The storm traveled away from me, leaving me soaked, but safe. I pulled my camera back out, and shot more lightning.

What a great experience and I wouldn't haven done it any other way.

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