Pete Alport Photography


I had shot a few scenes with my long lens and people being in front of the full moon; a tricky task, but having a stationary subject allows for a little bit more control, it's still a wild 10-minutes of shooting to say the least. The image you see here is a little bit of luck. Here is Carson Storch, a professional mountain biker, a few minutes after a nasty crash due to a strong wind gust throwing him off balance. He dusted himself off, hiked back up and booya, we captured what you see. I still can't believe we achieved what we set out to do, especially with the strong winds. Thanks Carson, you're an animal.

The image you see here is great for office spaces, restaurants, health care, any retail space with a wall. My clients who purchase photos with people in them all say the same thing, "having someone in the photo allows the viewer to imagine its them, being right there, transporting their being from wherever they are to what they see in the image." Discounts available based on quantity. Please email me for custom sizes.

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