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Pete Alport Photography


One of my favorite images to try and capture is the morning Fullmoon set.

The volcanoes where I live are to the west of my house and provide an incredible foreground to morning Fullmoon sets. I wake up for these moon happenings with a factual motivation: they only happen 12 times a year and the days the mornings in which it is clear is about 2/3rds of that time. So, I get eight chances a year to try and see/shoot the Fullmoon sets. To me, that doesn't seem like that many opportunities, so why not try?

Here is a Fullmoon set (I've said Fullmoon set a lot in this description) over Summit Chair at Mt. Bachelor. This is one shot, no blending of photos.

A great piece for a bathroom, hallway, anywhere a person might want to get away for a minute.

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