Pete Alport Photography


I met Sarah through mutual friends. She had just moved to Bend and wanted to talk about a business plan; a swimsuit that fit inside something roughly the size of a chapstick container. At the time, I was trying to have meetings outdoors because coffee shops can have a disconnect for me; I'm not as open or flowing with my thoughts at the coffee shop as I am outside. We began our meeting and walk, I had my camera gear because I enjoy the added exercise, plus I may have an opportunity for a photo (kill two birds with one stone), and the conversation/meeting was going well. We arrived at the place you see here and I asked her if she would climb up to the top off this wall and sit? She declined, then recanted and said, "I'll climb up there...I need to overcome my fears." A statement that each and every one of us knows we should employ regularly to grow. I never talked to Sarah again and the mutual friend said she had moved away a few weeks after she had arrived...maybe she overcame another fear and is right where she needs to be. I still try and have meetings in the outdoors.

The image you see is great for office spaces, restaurants, health care, any retail space with a wall. My clients who purchase photos with people in them all say the same thing, "having someone in the photo allows the viewer to imagine its them, being right there, transporting their being from wherever they are to what they see in the image." Discounts available based on quantity. Please email me for custom sizes.

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