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Pete Alport Photography


There are a few glaciers left on this volcano, but they are melting rapidly. I've climbed into some of the crevasses during the late Fall months. I've camped with my kids on the flanks of her arms. I've watched the sun go down and the sun rise from the summit. I've built jumps, snowboarded lines, snow camped, swam in the high alpine lakes, and been lost in the forest. The lava field between the lake? I've built dozens of jumps on the lava during the Winter months. The lake and creeks? I've built jumps over the creeks in the Winter. I've paddled, swam, and floated much of the water in this image, as well as camped near the shores. I have shot sunrises and sunsets, the Northern Lights, and stars from virtually every direction I can think of. I've experienced so much in this landscape, am forever grateful, and portion of my heart is dedicated to all of it.

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