Pete Alport Photography


I recently went on a solo road trip for nine days. I needed to clear my mind, process a multitude of happenings without distraction, connect with new landscapes, and truly see what was inside of me. There were highs, there were lows, there times where I could see myself from an outside view, this last part was wild when it would occur, an out of body experience is the simplest way to put it. What I saw was a person who is gentle and kind, yet has fought tooth and nail for much of their life...I loved what I saw and had deep compassion for who I am. The introspective journey, if I may call it that, didn't need to take place on this road trip, but it did and now I have a new way of looking at life, living life, and understanding life.  Although the road trip is finished, the road of life is always evolving and I appreciate the opportunity to grow with in it.

Here is one of four images from one location I visited while on the road. I roamed around these white sand dunes from sun up to sun down. I laughed, I cried, I napped, I read, I journaled, I shot photos, I walked naked, I stood still, I ran, I pet a camel, I was me.

I believe one or all four of these images may evoke a multitude of feelings wherever they find themselves on your walls...

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