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Amendment: this entire area burned to the ground two years ago...this is now a collectors item in my sad!

For years I would seek out swimming holes because they are so damn fun. I'm still on the hunt, but not as much as I used to be. Somehow this popular swimming area stayed off my radar until a few years ago. I told my good buddy, Will Dennis, that I might have found a crazy pillar to jump off and would he be interested in joining me? He said yes and we drove out to the spot the next day. The hike down was short and easy, revealing the pillar instantly. Will looked and saw what I hoped he would do, he was nervous, but he was in. He walked over to the base the rock, grabbed the rope, and ascended to the top; there was no turning around at this point. The landing zone is tiny, guaranteed to touch bottom, and if you go too far, it's goodnight. I remember one lady yelling, "you're going to die you f!@#$ing idiot!" He didn't die, we still hang out to this day, and there is this gripping image forever.

The image you see here is great for office spaces, restaurants, health care, any retail space with a wall. My clients who purchase photos with people in them all say the same thing, "having someone in the photo allows the viewer to imagine its them, being right there, transporting their being from wherever they are to what they see in the image." Discounts available based on quantity. Please email me for custom sizes.

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