Pete Alport Photography


I drove in the dark to the rock in the background. As I drove the dirt road, the moon illuminated the spine rock wall you see in the foreground, leading to the back, it was my guide. I parked, hopped out of my truck, and instantly I was overwhelmed by the absence of was beyond quiet. I was uncomfortable at first, but then I just let it all be and became calm. The Big Dipper hung above the big rock and so I shot a few photos, but mainly I continued my recognition of the profound peace and quiet.

I woke up a little before dawn and the area had taken on a completely different feeling; it was now powerful solitude. I felt lonely and small against the 27 million year old rock. I folded up the bedding in my camper, drove to the edge of the dirt road, meeting the highway (you can see my truck), and awaited the sunrise. As I sat, three abandoned puppies were milling around. I whistled at them, but they were skittish and emaciated. I threw a couple bagels out for them and contemplated taking one or all with me, but I chose not to...I regret that choice.

The sun began to rise, I put my gear together, and shot this image, one of my favorite photos from a solo road trip. A valuable lesson was reinforced here: it's ok to be uncomfortable and just be.

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