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I've had a six year bucket list dream to visit Yukon, Canada ever since I saw an image of a place there. Fast forward to August of this year, 2021, and the Covid borders opened! Five days later I was driving from Oregon to the Yukon, boom!

I could write a book on this 35 day, 8,700 mile, solo road trip; I made three short movies instead. This trip had it all, from seeing the Northern Lights, nine days in total, to going well beyond my initial destination to here, the Arctic Circle. I had zero plans while in the Arctic, didn't know I was going to be here a week before, yet here I was, engulfed in peaking Tundra Fall color and this powerful road! This road...

The Yukon is bigger than Oregon and Washington combined, yet has a population of just over 44,000 people. First Nation people thrive here compared to many Native Americans. I saw an Arctic Wolf (for about 2-seconds) most likely preparing for the great Caribou migration. Average weight of the North American wolf? 130lbs. An Arctic Wolf, 170lbs. I ate berries in every direction. Came much too close to a berry eating Grizzly family. Saw the Fullmoon rise while the Northern Lights waved above and a sunset that never really ended. The Arctic Circle took my breath away in every direction.

This is the most powerful road I have ever been on, a road in the Arctic Circle. The Fall colored yellow Tundra is impossible to walk on, you sink and oh boy do you sink...I took one step on it and felt as though I was going to get swallowed to the Earth’s core, so much biomass, breathing, living, absolutely incredible!

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